Associate Professor at the Department of Geology, Automomous University of Barcelona


Lisard   Graduated in Geology (2009, University of Barcelona) and in Mining Engineering (2011, Polytechnic University of Catalonia), Lisard Torró obtained his PhD in 2017 (University of Barcelona). His doctoral research dealt with the tectonic, magmatic and metallogenic evolution of Cordillera Central of the Dominican Republic. Even if his earliest scientific studies dealt with the mineralogy of Angolan carbonatites, Lisard’s research mainly focuses in the mineralogical, geochemical and petrological aspects of magmatic-hydrothermal and supergene-residual deposits from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bolivia, Iberian Peninsula and Mexico. In addition, Lisard is taking his first steps in the integrated study of the early geodynamic evolution of the Caribbean island-arc.



Geological Engineering Program

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Av. Universitaria, nº1801

San Miguel, Lima (Perú)


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